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On a light,hairy note

Looking at the two photos of Margaret Drabble


I confess the difference surprise me.But I know that feeling at midlife that you are too busy to have long hair… yet it softens the features… so my hairdresser says…mine is short now..but I dream it is long again and feel happy

Is the short hair and plain look part of wishing to be taken seriously?She certainly has been married to two very interesting men


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Books ….how not to act old

My books and home 029


Don’t wear a watch… unless it’s a diamond one and you are Queen Elizabeth

Do have your mobile on a contract not PAYG… you need it for the time

Don’t ever mention fountain pens

Don’t carry a straw shopper

Don’t do joined up handwriting

Don’t do any handwriting

Do hire a man

Do learn about sexually transmitted diseases

Don’t count on your fingers…

Don’t call your lover,my fiance

Don’t wear a “winter coat”

Do get anorexia

Do at least pretend to be manic depressive.

Do kiss everybody.

Do become bisexual

Don’t mention your cataract surgery.

Do die when alone.

Do have herpes but not IBS

Do learn the decimal system

Do learn what a kilogram weighs

Do have a pocket full of calculators

Do spend a fortune on your hair [I only have one]

Do cripple yourself with 6 foot heels.

Do wear a see through blouse and no camisole [  but a nude bra is ok]

Do ride a horse not a bicycle.

Do get a manicure even when you are dead

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I don’t BELIEVE it!


Sexual healingIM000484.JPG

Browsing on philosophy I accidentally  hit on   this piece

A man  of 84 can have sex for ages but no orgasm.So he writes to the Guardian.Mr Japan the young are   becoming asexual.Sosmething wrong here!

Sexual Healing.Well,I have to admire this man of 84.And if he has no orgasm it means he can give time to his lady friend!

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