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Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – a survival strategy

Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – a survival strategy.

A very good post and person.Do read it as it is  heartening

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Intelligence ? or flowersed-point-

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Acceptance may be the answer



This is an interesting article about how acceptance is so important for us in order to live the best way we can. when we have problems,neuroses etc.This website,The Negative Psychologist is one I came upon when reading another blog here.

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November 20, 2013 · 2:08 pm

How to disobey everyone

How to be original by obeying one simple rule:never obey a rule.

How to be chaste by one simple method:Get a phobia about sex.Vomit when it comes into your mind.That will deter others but is it worth it?

How to be kind:Pretend all other people are you.

How to sleep well:Try to stay awake all night.

How to keep calm when drowning:Go with the flow.

How to be happy:Let yourself be sad.

How to get thin:Have a nasty lover.

How to get fat:Never move except on wheels

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Eccentric beings and sensitive souls: Living well with what others call mental health issues


When I was fifteen or so, my mother waded through the sea of clothes, books, school work and teenage flotsam and jetsam that covered my floor, and sat on the edge of my bed with tears in her eyes. I had to clean up, she said. It was really important that I get the room sorted. I made some excuse, but she cast her eyes downwards, subtly wiping a tear from the corner.

“I had a friend who never cleaned up. Every time you went into her house, the house was a complete bomb site. She had junk all over every surface. And she ended up in Ward 12B.”

Ward 12B, for those who never had the chance to go there, was the mental health ward at the old Canberra Hospital. So apparently, Mum believed that mess drove you mad and that cleaning was protective. It’s a particularly amusing little…

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The Natural Depth in Man


Wilson Van Dusen was a very interesting man.Some of his views I am unsure of but his book,The Natural Depth in Man,shows how much we don’t see normally when we look at others.

He was a mystic in a sense.And he worked with people with severe disturbances.His definition of  madness that it renders the person useless.Also introspection is bad when one is in a vulnerable state.. better to do useful,practical tasks like sweeping the floor.And always be polite.In other words,stay in touch with others and this world.

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I’ll try and try all by myself.I don’t need anybody


I am absolutely determined to relax.

I’ll relax even if it kills me.

I shall not be beaten

I’ll try  and try

and if that doesn’t work…

I am sure I can think of some way to achieve

the most relaxed state a human being has ever reached

Because I have to win.

Even if it kills me.

Obsession,it’s the. new way to relax.

My will power is astonishing.

I am better than you

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Literary Fractions and other Fictions

Reading the right type of novel makes you better at understanding people.And that must be good.
Reading Fifty Shades in not so useful  and if you buy some whips and suchlike
you are increasing your expenditure.Be creative.DIY
Free  fantasy for all.Start now.. well later on…
I looked at that book..I did not realise what it was.The first 3 pages seemed dull so I out it back on  Waterstones‘  table.I can’t write a novel so I shall write a limerick
There was an old lady from Britain
Whose love focussed on her cat’s kitten.
She gave it warm milk
Wrapped it in silk.
And now she is knitting four mittens.Is that literary?
LITERARY LIMERICK?A philosopher  is a person who thinks
While she washes up at the sink.
She turns over her mind
And lets it unwind…..
She writes all her thoughts down in ink.


Some people can’t fantasise
I wonder if they can’t tell lies?
Reveries  suits  me…
I daydream at tea.
Maybe my best friends are spies?

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This  is  verygood.[I was just practising how to do a lnk there!I am  not fully trained in editing.]
This is an interesting article about the difference between literary and popular fiction.I have written a few short stories but always wanted to write a novel.
I love Nicholas Freeling.His  novels are written as detective stories but they qualify as literary fiction.I especially like,Dresden Green.
You can get a full  list of his novels via the link above.I shall be mulling over the thought of writing this weekend and looking a people walking by as I stroll along.
Why do we women wear such clothes?Why is “feminine” a bad word… like flowered dresses?How can one reconcile feminism with femininity?We don’t all want abortions like Simone de Beauvoir.
The other day I wore a dress and my partner said,Auntie E!
Not a compliment is it?I was wondering how good my imagination is.It’s based on experience

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Share your favorite book titles/authors

I was thinking last night that I would love it if anyone wants to share their favorite authors.I suggest that you can do this by putting a comment on  the About Me page.I got one from one person which gave me the ideaImage

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