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Terry Eagleton reviews ‘The God Delusion’ by Richard Dawkins · LRB 19 October 2006

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An old piece of writing by Terry Eagleton, but it would be useful to read it in the context of the raging debate between reason and faith.

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The crucial importance of the face:More about Levinas

About the face in Levinas‘s philosphy.

This is a website in the USA.It  has  some good articles mainly relating to religon,spirituality,humanity and thought


October 26, 2013 · 11:30 am

Happiness by the book?

Why are there so many books on happiness and yet less actual happiness?I like this piece  by Amy Bloom in the  NYT.I find reading reviews makes me happy.Men make me happy of they are humorous.Women do because they converse well.And peace and quiet make me happy.

I’m so happy

Not to be a baby in a nappy.

I feel so blue

When I miss you

I don’t want a lover.

Too much bother.

I like to be alone

Just me and my comb.

Shakespeare was a poet

I know it

And I am not

I quite forgot

As I felt gay

All  of today

I’ll be sad

Or maybe mad

as rotation

is the human situation


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The Bitch in the House [Paperback] Cathi Hannauer (Author)

Georgee eliotFrancine prose3


I said I would write about at the weekend but I felt it more urgent to reconstruct the blog as I had wandered away from my intentions.This book  is very interesting,It contains stories from a number of women in the USA about their lives.I am unsure who chose the title as my mother would have fainted to hear this name!But in truth one contributor says that she is very nice at work and a demon to her family..S he has a very high powered job.I myself find it odd that feminism means women must work  in paid job now even when they have babies.Alas house prices have risen to match and so it’s really tough.Other stories are not so harsh.The one I was moved by was written by a woman who happens to be overweight.She tells her story very well.And what a life she has had.It’s worth getting just for that.And it’s only 1p on Amazon. Some stories seem like ones from the dawn of time.. a couple meet.At last she has found her ideal man.And so he continues until they drive off for the honeymoon and as they approach a big Freeway junction he begins to shout and yell because she is not telling him which road is the right one!And he never even gave her a map/road atlas.So married life began with a shock of horror…

I myself love books like this that a bit like a blog tell a story of another woman’s life/The stories are too short really… but it’s a gripping read.A very good variety of different lives,different kinds of relationship and the toughness of educating yourself when you are poor and possibly black too

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“The evil of banality”

A very interesting and disturbing discussion of books about Heidegger and Arendt.Heidegger’s silence after the war about the

And looking at the quote below it seems they lacked wisdom


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How much did Nietzsche know about women?

I think Nietzsche was a great philosopher but had the impression he was not very good with women…
I think  it’s highly  likely  it  is a false attribution.And are women more dangerous then men?It’s projection… vagina dentata for example.The vagina cannot bite off a penis.i woman can bit with  her teeth but so can a man.I recall  seeing “Love Bites” on I girls necks when I was young but I never allowed that…. let them bite their food or a bone

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Hannah Arendt and thinking reason I am writing this is that at the end of this film,Arendt gives a seven minute monologue on,what is thinking?

She believed the people like Eichmann who carried out Hitler’s Final Solution were not psychotic monsters but were people unable to think.I feel unqualified to comment on that except to agree with her that true thinking is not easy and how can we learn to do it.It cannot be just a mental process but must involve the whole of a person.If we fear to think we will join a movement, a church or any other organisation which we will obey in order not to have to think.I believe many of us still do that.Thinling can be a lonely business as she said

[By the way,I am not  Jewish]


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Levinas’ Ethics

“Levinas derives the primacy of his ethics from the experience of the encounter with the Other. For Levinas, the irreducible relation, the epiphany, of the face-to-face, the encounter with another, is a privileged phenomenon in which the other person’s proximity and distance are both strongly felt. “The Other precisely reveals himself in his alterity not in a shock negating the I, but as the primordial phenomenon of gentleness.”[3]. At the same time, the revelation of the face makes a demand, this demand is before one can express, or know one’s freedom, to affirm or deny.[4] One instantly recognizes the transcendence and heteronomy of the Other”

This is from the article in the previous post for those who are unable to read the whole piece/

I feel this is the heart of what he expresses


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Reading like a writer

“I’ve always found that the better the book I’m reading, the smarter I feel, or, at least, the more able I am to imagine that I might, someday, become smarter.”
Francine Prose, Reading Like a : A Guide for People Who Love Books and for Those Who Want to Write Them

This book is fascinating whether or not you are writer

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No-one asked me

I do like to know more about my favorite authors.Here Alison Luries describes her childhood;her belief she was not pretty enough to marry and the praise she got for her  childhoodcreations.This led in an obvious direction.Ironically,she married young and spent many years as a mother and academic wife before she ever published a book.but once started she was on her true path in life.She has an unmistakable voice of her own


October 8, 2013 · 5:46 pm