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I looked up Levinas’s life

I found quite a good  short  account of the main outlines of Levinas’ life and work here.How very ironic he studied with Heidegger.His ideas seem very different from the philosophy I have studied before.I am well read but have only just heard of him when reading about Peter Lomas.I feel he may be very important in this world we now dwell in.I am unsure if I can understand his writing but have ordered a book by colin Davis


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No-one asked me

I do like to know more about my favorite authors.Here Alison Luries describes her childhood;her belief she was not pretty enough to marry and the praise she got for her  childhoodcreations.This led in an obvious direction.Ironically,she married young and spent many years as a mother and academic wife before she ever published a book.but once started she was on her true path in life.She has an unmistakable voice of her own


October 8, 2013 · 5:46 pm