About me

I am a woman over the age of sixty.My hair is going  lighter  like Helen Mirren’s but my mind is active and creative.I still enjoy learning,talking and seeing new perspectives.I h ave been advised not to put my photograph on the Internet .I am looking for people who like books and ideas and humor.I am not looking for love here.I am looking for friends who  have similar interests or new exciting ideas


This blog will be a sporadic one  it will be about writers,books and related topics as and when I discover  writing  I feel is worth sharing.I may take time out to read if I need to do.

After a short time I seem to have gone into philosophical  issues more than I imagined and it has proved hard work.I shall return to books again of a different type.I think it’s the people who interest me…trying to imagine what it was like in Germany in the 1930’s and wondering what I would have done.~Yes,people fascinate me.Sometimes I think education can be a bad thing unless it’s very high quality.We learn a little and grow conceited.We believe we know everything and can tell others what to think,This worries me about even University education in Britain now.Sometimes I believe education can damage people who have heard of the names of  many philosophers and writers but read none of their original works

18 responses to “About me

  1. Don’t put your photograph on the internet. And thanks again for your support at my spot. Your location and writing style are familiar, so I’m thinking we met on a former blog perhaps? Best of luck with your new blog, regardless…

  2. Too late. I already put my picture on the internet. Considering how spying is going these days, it is probably my own country that will be watching. However, I love to think and I want to encourage thinking in every context by everyone.
    Meanwhile I am also over 60 and am, in the picture, the really cool looking gentleman beside the beautiful lady, who is my wife of 40 years. If you are in England, as it seems, I do hope you are weathering the storm well.

    • Thank you.I agree with all you say.We were not too much affected by the storm…but people a few miles away were killed.I shall look at your photo now.

      • p.s. I understand your title, “Cool Lady Blog”, naturally, it’s obvious, but why did you use complexnumberblog as your web name? As a mathematically inclined person, I am curious.
        Also as, I presume, an Anglican, what is your opinion of women bishops? I ask that because my wife is the parish priest here. She has no ambitions to be bishop or dean or any such thing, but it does seem important to me that she be allowed to do so, as she would be here. Just curious.

  3. Don’t men sometimes call a woman,”a number”?If so I am a complex woman veering between philosophy and humor and cookery.
    I am in favor of women being Bishops if they feel it is their vocation.I was reading a novel by Gail Godwin about a woman priest… but mislaid it.And one about her father who was a priest.Is it Father Mel.ancholy’s daughter?I like her novels.Has your wife read that?It’s very good

    • We haven’t heard of Gail Godwin but we will look her up post-haste. We are in the middle of reading everything by Louise Penney, a mystery writer who lives just out of Montreal and therefore not far from us. And a good writer at that. Her first novel in her series is Still Life, if you are interested.
      Kathryn has been the priest here for three years, beginning immediately after her ordination. She loves her work and this parish. But she would hate being a bishop, even if that were in the cards.Our bishop is one of the my favorite people, William Love is his name. But our diocese is enormous in area, perhaps 200 miles across so he has a deal of traveling to do.
      I can veer between philosophy and humor with the best of them, but cookery is out of my league. I was the family cook for four years while Kathryn was in university and no one remembers it fondly.

      • I’m always looking for new authors so thank you.Yes,being a Bishop is very demanding.
        I prefer the more meditative side of religion…hate meetings and arguing

  4. Well, I am always advertising authors so my current two favorites are Marilyn Robinson and Leif Enger, both American. Ms. Robinson teaches at the University of Iowa but was a visiting professor at Oxford teaching American literature and culture. Gilead is a particularly great novel. She also writes incredibly brilliant essays on a wide variety of subjects. Leif Enger is from Minnesota and simply writes stories about the American west in the early 20th century, not “westerns” per se, but with that background. I admit the British tend to dominate literature over the Americans, but I have hope that a few of us are catching on how to write.
    Who doesn’t hate meetings and arguing? I believe I did know a few Presbyterians who enjoyed them, back in my old Presbyterian days.
    This has been an entertaining conversation, and I appreciate your patience with it. I get wordier on the internet.
    Do you care much for poetry?

    • I have read Gilead.. loved it.I like Alison Lurie too.Leif Enger is new to me.You have many great writers…
      Yes,I like poetry too… it’s more demanding to read.I do know some people like to argue…maybe Jewish people do… but one cannot generalize.Your wife seems intriguing… must be a demanding position… but fulfilling for her.
      Yes,it is nice to get to know people in other countries this way

  5. Cormac McCarthy? Rather grim novels though. “The Road” was possibly the most horrifying novel I have ever read but I still couldn’t stop. I don’t know Alison Lurie.

  6. Hello, I’m glad you liked my blog on Defending Rumination. Thank you for your kind comment.

  7. ‘We learn a little and grow conceited, education can be a bad thing’ I find I can relate. Most of all, I love when someone in a far away place finds me, it gives a sense of valid connection:) I will be staying in touch, clearly I can learn a great deal from you. Thanks for the follow too.

  8. Thanks so much for liking my author blog and leading me here and to your blog. We over 60 ‘somethings’ should stick together and if we write we should blog. Love to keep in touch and see what you are writing about. Do pop back and visit my blog again and if the mood takes you, try some of the books I am included in…most are for charity and so for good causes and a damn good read at that. Have a great week. 🙂

  9. Thank you,Jane.I will definitely revisit you.I am flattered you like my blog.
    I shall make a list of people who have commented as I can’t read 100 plus posts a day.Yours will be on my list.I have just bought some Xmas cards … where does the time go?
    I hope you too have a good week

    • Oh crumbs, Xmas cards! I am sure I am too late for overseas post. Every year I get alter and later doing them. It is so expensive these days as all my family live thousands of mils away….I need my own DHL service I think. I know it is hard getting in touch with everyone. So take your time. I have a lot to answer every day with my blog on WordPress and also my Facebook author page….not to mention ordinary emails and trying to write…I need a clone. 🙂

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