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The Claude Lanzmann movie:the interviews

Whilst I was doing this I might as well post this link as well.Lanzmann made a very good film and knew much more than Arendt

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A very good and rightly criticaI review of the film about Hannah Arendt

I came across this in the New Yorker,It has a lot of links Claude Lanzmann’s film about the Shoa where his judgment is much  superior to that of Arendt.

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Hannah Arendt and thinking reason I am writing this is that at the end of this film,Arendt gives a seven minute monologue on,what is thinking?

She believed the people like Eichmann who carried out Hitler’s Final Solution were not psychotic monsters but were people unable to think.I feel unqualified to comment on that except to agree with her that true thinking is not easy and how can we learn to do it.It cannot be just a mental process but must involve the whole of a person.If we fear to think we will join a movement, a church or any other organisation which we will obey in order not to have to think.I believe many of us still do that.Thinling can be a lonely business as she said

[By the way,I am not  Jewish]


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