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Sleep with Shakespeare

It seemed a good idea at the time.But the timing was wrong.Shakespeare was my boyfriend’s friend.To be honest he was a cat.So to preserve my modesty I slept with the cat and not the boyfriend.Just another natural disaster in every day life.

Still,a cat has eyes unlike a flea which is what I sleep with now;I know only because it bites me in the night!Possibly it was from the cat and became a multitude like my sins .which are mainly of omission.A  few are cultivated and the rest grew like weeds.I feel such shame when I think of my life,sleeping with everything but  a human being. Intimacy with moths does not contribute to literature or any other human undertaking and yet it saved a man from torment loving a woman with such a strange personality.So that is good.I also wrote a few plays

A midsummer night’s scream.

Julius seized me.

Richard the Blurred

King Fear

MacDuff,the pudding



Hams of old England.

Nymphs and Leopards.


Nietzsche’s word was my father.

Who won the Bore?

England’s screaming peasants blend

Death ,where is thy King?

Foreigner’a rile us.

Boldlock the beloved

I  made a few dollars selling myself to  an owl.Beyond that my life is herstory.

Can I get bail?I hope the judge is  lenient

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Now I wonder if I am out of date

I don’t  think I will masturbate in public but on Sweden,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Did he wear a paper bag? Where did he wear it?Sex,lies and paper bags… it’s the silly season alright.

Soon it may be compulsory,but seriously………….. what is happening to Europe?

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October 12, 2013 · 3:41 pm

With a paper bag on your head?

Last week we were offered a new kind of advice program here in the UK.Two people in a relationship  would have sex inside a box in the studio and then come out and talk about it or their problems.I did not watch this.Then today I read in the paper that  a new book has come out about Masters and Johnson  the pioneers [?) of sex research in modern times.They began with  prostitutes but this was insufficient so they used volunteers who masturbated  or had intercourse in front  of the cameras.But they were allowed to put a paper bag on their head for secrecy.

From these films much information was gathered about things like female orgasm and other mysteries.I believe they used couples too

However,will the sex life of people willing to have sex in a public room with paper bags on their heads really tell us much about the sex life of the average person.Some people might be impotent but get turned on by the paper bags!It took away the human element

Now you can read some new discoveries


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