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Snakes observed

Friedrich Nietzsche

“The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”

by D.H. Lawrence

A snake came to my water-trough
On a hot, hot day, and I in pyjamas for the heat,
To drink there.
In the deep, strange-scented shade of the great dark carob tree
I came down the steps with my pitcher
And must wait, must stand and wait, for there he was at the trough before me.
He reached down from a fissure in the earth-wall in the gloom
And trailed his yellow-brown slackness soft-bellied down, over the edge of the stone trough
And rested his throat upon the stone bottom,
And where the water had dripped from the tap, in a small clearness,
He sipped with his straight mouth,
Softly drank through his straight gums, into his slack long body,
Someone was before me at my water-trough,
And I, like a second-comer, waiting.
He lifted his head from his drinking, as cattle do,
And looked at me vaguely, as drinking cattle do,
And flickered his two-forked tongue from his lips, and mused a moment,
And stooped and drank a little more,
Being earth-brown, earth-golden from the burning bowels of the earth
On the day of Sicilian July, with Etna smoking.
The voice of my education said to me
He must be killed,
For in Sicily the black, black snakes are innocent, the gold are venomous.
And voices in me said, if you were a man
You would take a stick and break him now, and finish him off.
But must I confess how I liked him,
How glad I was he had come like a guest in quiet, to drink at my water-trough
And depart peaceful, pacified, and thankless,
Into the burning bowels of this earth ?
Was it cowardice, that I dared not kill him ?
Was it perversity, that I longed to talk to him ?
Was it humility, to feel so honoured ?
I felt so honoured.
And yet those voices :
If you were not afraid, you would kill him !
And truly I was afraid, I was most afraid,
But even so, honoured still more
That he should seek my hospitality
From out the dark door of the secret earth.
He drank enough
And lifted his head, dreamily, as one who has drunken,
And flickered his tongue like a forked night on the air, so black,
Seeming to lick his lips,
And looked around like a god, unseeing, into the air,
And slowly turned his head,
And slowly, very slowly, as if thrice adream,
Proceeded to draw his slow length curving round
And climb again the broken bank of my wall-face.
And as he put his head into that dreadful hole,
And as he slowly drew up, snake-easing his shoulders, and entered farther,
A sort of horror, a sort of protest against his withdrawing into that horrid black hole,
Deliberately going into the blackness, and slowly drawing himself after,
Overcame me now his back was turned.
I looked round, I put down my pitcher,
I picked up a clumsy log
And threw it at the water-trough with a clatter.
I think it did not hit him,
But suddenly that part of him that was left behind convulsed in undignified haste,
Writhed like lightning, and was gone
Into the black hole, the earth-lipped fissure in the wall-front,
At which, in the intense still noon, I stared with fascination.
And immediately I regretted it.
I thought how paltry, how vulgar, what a mean act !
I despised myself and the voices of my accursed human education.
And I thought of the albatross,
And I wished he would come back, my snake.
For he seemed to me again like a king,
Like a king in exile, uncrowned in the underworld,
Now due to be crowned again.
And so, I missed my chance with one of the lords
Of life.
And I have something to expiate :
A pettiness.
D.H. Lawrence | Classic Poems


October 30, 2013 · 12:49 pm

A paradox about difficulty

Cat free

After I mentioned the book by Lawrence LeShan yesterday I was thinking about meditation and about difficult times in life.Often when things are hard for us, we get stressed,we get the”fight or flight” response which released adrenalin   and other hormones and we get narrower vision [I have actually had “tunnel vision“,it’s not a metaphor].We are ready to attack somebody or to quickly run away.Usually neither is possible so this response makes life worse.We get worn to a shred

When we need help,we can get in touch with something within us.The paradox is that we need to be relaxed to get in touch with this inner deeper self.We need to trust in something despite the dangers.In religious terms,trust in God is a common phrase.But not many Christians  I have known really do trust in God.I prefer to call it  the Unknown.After all,what or who was it that made the sperm and egg unite and then made the embryo grow into you?It was not by will power and effort that your mother grew you.It was by allowing this inner wisdom to act upon the embryo.So relaxing ,allowing,being are needed.How can we let go and trust in the inner deep self to help us?Maybe when we are in despair because we tried everything else and nothing works.This is a concern I am dwelling on today.I feel ,being Sunday,it is appropriate tio think of what some would call the spiritual side of lifeI was helped once when in a tragic  situation.I kept looking for a way out.Sitting quietly one day I found I suddenly knew I could do nothing except return to my notmal duties and accept the tragedy.We need to feel safe in order to trust

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October 30, 2013 · 9:53 am

From thinking to thoughtfulness


A week or two ago I was thinking about thinking.There is more than one kind of thinking.Some kinds,like rumination, are  often self destructive.Other kinds of thinking can turn one outside of one’s self and can become what I call “thoughtfulness”.And that is a a virtue.It combines awareness and caring towards others with standing back and considering what is best for them and ourselves.

Then there is what we might call ” blind thinking” which is totally self centred like the  chattering voices in our head

I want that red dress,he’s nasty,I am fed up being at work. so long…………all going on underneath our consciousness much of the time.We may be unaware of it but it can affect us and how we act towards others.It’s childish,turned inwards and trivial.Can we stop it? I am thinking about that,,, not brooding.I mean,my mind is open and I hope some new ideas will come to help me understand this blind thinking

How can we see and not be blind in our thinking?How can we be wise?


October 30, 2013 · 9:33 am

I pun every night at Six and don’t get home till ate

Cat free

Above is a link to Shakespeare’s plays


Wind in my pillows   [Life in a Cabin/Tent with no door.]

Save me,I’m a waspie…. [Confused person demands help from a Bee ]

As you swipe it..[Use your card please while I watch]

As you wipe it ………[What an ass….keep it covered till later.]

As you spike it……………….[How to drug people senseful  if they want you to do]

Did he take it………………[Bribes in modern life]

Did you bake it?………………… [ White lies in between the courses]
As You Fake It………………..[Is anyone honest in bed?No,thank God!So far,so bad.]
As you take it……………………[All about saving thieves from me]
As I frighten it…………………[Get rid of daddy long legs.]
As you strike it………………[ Do you think about the matches?]
Remedies for Terriers…………….. .[Dogs need psychotherapy too..]
Comedy of Worriers…………………….[Why, is  there no trust is left in Society?]
Love’s Labor Costs………………. [Even love needs money now]
Measure your Leisure………[Take away the last pleasures of free time with numbers.]
Merchant of Pennies………..[I prefer pounds, but each to their own]
Sorry Lives of the Censored……………[USA boobs again]
Midsummer Blights Schemes…………[Too many leaves fell off the trees for devilment]
Julius Breather……………… [A break from antiquity at last’
Much Ado about Washing………….[.Confessions of Dirty Married Men]
Taming of the Brew                          [ How to make tea in a pot and live to drink it]

The Tempest missed………………. [Lucky me]
Elves Night…………….. [No.not again.Elves are too small or I am a giant]
Too gentle women may moan for her          [].Oh,dear.Highly Sensitive Women
Hinters fail…………………… [Some folk like me just never get it.Tell us straight.]
I never knew you loved me till you were gone with the wind……[I sinned.]

Blind to men’s charms and hence not in their arms…………..[and other alarms]

Ring here…………………..[Helpline for numb actors.]

The Bride and Seven others……….{polygamy or bigamy.Is it polite?]

A Gossamer Flight of  Day Dreams…………..[Spiders for Britain]

Kings Sneer      [Always an error]

Richard Who Dared………..[Wars of the Poseurs]

MacDeath       [Stay off burgers]

MacClef      [Musical Version with real instruments]

Sing Dear  [Love for the well aged]

King Veered  [How Eddie lost the throne for lurv]


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October 29, 2013 · 7:51 pm

Nietzsche Reading Response (Arthur Schweitzer)

Weird and interesting

Literature Drugs Modernity

In Nietzsche’s discussion of the Dionysian World View, I found the most interesting aspect of his writing was his description of the Dionysian state as an abandonment of both the limits of existence and of the memories of personal experience. Essentially, he defines intoxication to be a state, which allows a person to momentarily supersede the bounds of reality, and thus come closer to experiencing the limitless freedom of the dreamscape, while conscious. Though Nietzsche’s description of this seems a bit optimistic, I agree that intoxication is in a sense a tool for losing inhibition, which more often than not makes reality a bit bland. Nietzsche reiterates this by mentioning that the individualist mindset also disappears in the Dionysian state, meaning people come together when mutually intoxicated and work collectively.

            One thing that confused me was his comparison of the two types of attitudes that demonstrate what Greek life…

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October 29, 2013 · 6:22 pm

Is thinking a conversation? And dreaming…?It takes two!

Dwelling on these thoughts about thinking,and knowing much thinking is blind and cut off from the people outside us is it valid to compare they say it to different kinds of talk’conversation?


Free thinker?

With a trusted friend or teacher we may open our hearts and ears.We may talk and listen .We may learn and give our friend new ideas…but also this conversation may be risky.So more frequently we gossip,talk about the weather or argue over trivialities.We may chat with a friend simply to show we are with them or as they say,To touch base…in other words to comfort and give security.

When we are alone,we might worry for hours.Some people used to worry a lot about their sins.Or whether  they had enough money.Or some daydream and fantasise about,Fifty Shades of Grey.Maybe actual thinking or thought is rare.

I am not proposing we should be thinking all day.We would go mad!But were we to think,would it be like a conversation with the Other within?So we’d be listening as well as talking silently?A kind of internal conversation may be taking place.We all know that our unconscious mind may be thinking while we are woolgathering or taking a a bath.Eureka..Archimedes famous cry.And dreams are also a kind of thought  in images.They are a communication.Some people have had dreams which they felt were a message from God.

In a real conversation something new might be born…And why is thinking associated with tension and effort?


October 29, 2013 · 4:40 pm

Teachers who touch our hearts

Leaves are the placet  along with roots where communication happens.When we grow beans the plants at first have just two leaves and need warmth and light to develop…. and so do human beings,We need food as well.

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October 29, 2013 · 12:28 pm

Does it matter how many people read your post?


At home Oct 20 006If we write a perceptive post or a humorous post  we will  feel happy  if a lot of people read it.But,if   it helps just one person or amuses just one person then that is enough.We don’t know how far the ripples will spread.

If a butterfly in the South ~America flapping its wings can cause a storm in Europe…a few good words or  one perceptive photo might have a strong influence.We will never know.

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October 28, 2013 · 7:58 pm

More about Geza Vermes and his writings on the historical Jesus

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October 28, 2013 · 7:19 pm

On my way to where?

On my way to where?

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October 28, 2013 · 4:45 pm