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Politics and fairness

Politics and fairness.

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A new author for me:Kenneth Gergen

Gergen faceGergen

Ihave been reading his earlier book,The Saturated Society which I also strongly recommend.I found it good reading and I now know what post modernism  is about for better or worse.He can be very funny too When trlating his personal experiences.If you can get these from your library you will be intrigued.And his prose is great too.

I am learning so much.

A plunesh bull in a kitch

A plunesh bull in a kitch


And laughing too

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Vivian Gornick and her writing [including an interview]



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Top book blog

This is highly thought of by many literary journals

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November 2, 2013 · 5:49 pm

Doris Lessing


At the Nobel Prize Ceremony for one of our greatest writers

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October 31, 2013 · 9:00 pm

iUniverse: How To Correctly Use Ellipses and Exclamation Points

iUniverse: How To Correctly Use Ellipses and Exclamation Points.

This is just one post from a very useful blog on Writing,Grammar,Terminology,Publishing etc.

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A very full review of “The Jewish Writings” by Hannah Arendt


This broad ranging review  gives a very good account  of Arendt’s political views on Jews and on Israel.I learned a lot and have sympathy for her position.I am fearful of the current state of the middle east in  general

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