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I didn’t know I knew


“Once I begin the act of writing, it all falls away; the view from the window, the tools, the talismans, and I am unconscious of myself… one’s carping inner critics are silenced for a time… there is always a surprise, a revelation. During the act of writing, I have told myself something that I didn’t know I know.”

Gail Godwin

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Georgee eliot


This is a very good blog to have a look at at the weekend

for any  aspiring writer

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iUniverse: How To Correctly Use Ellipses and Exclamation Points

iUniverse: How To Correctly Use Ellipses and Exclamation Points.

This is just one post from a very useful blog on Writing,Grammar,Terminology,Publishing etc.

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Discover Francine Prose and what she reads

Francine prose

Francine prose3francine-prose 2

I greatly like the writer  Francine Prose and just read an interview witth her.And secondly I found a piece where she talks about her favorite books.I looked at her images on Google Image because I like faces.There are lots of photos of her at different ages and in different moods.I think she has a fascinating face.And mind


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