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Reading Lawrence Le Shan


For many years I have enjoyed the writings of Le shan.Recently I discovered that he had written a book about Evil.He also treated people with cancer for many years.I admire him

I am reading it slowly.I recommend,Alternate Realities from which some of his terminology comes.His book in Meditation is the best I have ever found.I was reading it as I was on a train going to my father in law’s funeral and a beautiful image cane to my mind



Lawrence LeShan -A man will be effective to the degree that he is able to concentrate! Concentration is not basically a mode of doing but above all a mode of Being. (Lawrence LeShan)

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Georgee eliot


This is a very good blog to have a look at at the weekend

for any  aspiring writer

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An interview with the writer Alison Lurie


Lurie is one of my favorite authors.I recommend,The War Between the  Tates for a start

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Getting Inspiration When Writing

A helpful blog for aspiring writers

WordPlay Writers' Forum

FallynFinding inspiration when writing can be the hardest part of a writer’s job, but it can also be found anywhere and hit at any time.

KJ Rollinson – her friends call her Kathy – is one of WordPlay’s most prolific writers. She writes something everyday, and her dedication has seen her moving toward completing her ‘Fallyn’ trilogy. Here she explains what inspires her to write, and how she keeps the momentum going:

I am sometimes asked from where I got my inspiration when writing my ‘Fallyn’ trilogy. Well it all started when I went to an Art class and a friend was drawing a very proud dragon, with half-furled wings, perched on a rock. I decided to write a short story of 500 words for her. I called my dragon Solo. As Fallyn says ‘I called you Solo because you are alone, but you will grow up to be the…

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