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Eccentric beings and sensitive souls: Living well with what others call mental health issues


When I was fifteen or so, my mother waded through the sea of clothes, books, school work and teenage flotsam and jetsam that covered my floor, and sat on the edge of my bed with tears in her eyes. I had to clean up, she said. It was really important that I get the room sorted. I made some excuse, but she cast her eyes downwards, subtly wiping a tear from the corner.

“I had a friend who never cleaned up. Every time you went into her house, the house was a complete bomb site. She had junk all over every surface. And she ended up in Ward 12B.”

Ward 12B, for those who never had the chance to go there, was the mental health ward at the old Canberra Hospital. So apparently, Mum believed that mess drove you mad and that cleaning was protective. It’s a particularly amusing little…

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iUniverse: How To Correctly Use Ellipses and Exclamation Points

iUniverse: How To Correctly Use Ellipses and Exclamation Points.

This is just one post from a very useful blog on Writing,Grammar,Terminology,Publishing etc.

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Feeling suicidal?

I noticed many people read the article I reblogged about  a woman who was feeling so depressed last year.There are many resources … the Samaritans being the best here in the UK.local charges on phone

Or visit this link


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Blogs for writers

Here is a list of some blogs  which are useful to blog writers and others. I have  used myself others I have not heard of before.There is so much out there .

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