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Eat well on a budget plus a few thoughts on prices

Good Food: 101 Budget Dishes: Triple-tested Recipes by Jane Hornby

You can get this for 1 penny on amazon,It’s part of a series of small cookery books aimed at people who are unable to spend too much time and money in the kitchen.

I got a catalogue today from an online clothes catalogue where I have shopped before.But now I’ll be lucky to afford a scarf.The scarf is £55!Also they sell dresses which are not washable!How weird is that?

For fruit and veg most supermarkets are expensive.I find Lidl‘s good and much cheaper.The jam is also very good.We do have a market but the quality is variable there

and the queue is long too


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On a low income? : a blog about cookery using very cheap ingredients


This blog has been much praised here in the UK.I am not as short of money as she is but all our bills are rising far above inflation.

I also recommend,

Good Food on a budget by Georgina Horley

Frugal Food by Delia Smith and

The left over cookery book by Marika Hanbury -Tenison

Cookery Do by  Elaine Feinstein

.BTW        I looked at shoes in Clarks yesterday,what a shock to see the prices on the better shoes and boots.I have to have good thick soles…

So it’s just a new scarf for me this winter.Or TKMaxx

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