Rereading favorite books



Sometimes we want to read the new novels from the Review in our weekend paper but for a few years I have taken great pleasure in reading books which I have already read once or even twice. I reread some of Nicholas Freeling’s novels this winter.I noticed some  parts which I had not absorbed before. These were especially with the landscapes he creates.In fact he has a very painterly way of writing .A watercolorist’s way,perhaps.In that he reminds me,oddly, of Virginia Woolff.

He was a writer who changed the nature of the detective story.I read him for his depictions of relationships, people,different countries. My favorites are the Castang series which were never filmed… a great pity but who could play this man realistically? I suppose I have similar values to Freeling which always helps. He clearly loves women which is rare, in my view



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