Since I began this blog


Old wooden table looks like my furrowed brow

I have during the course of this blogging found some new and interesting authors but all the books are really hard.I am struggling to read them but at the same time I am very happy to have found them.

I may not post much for a bit as I want time to mull over these books and what I am learning.I find writing here has lead me to learn a lot and I hope it’s true for some of you readers… a whole new world has opened for me,,,I may not be blogging here but please look at the authors I’ve recommended if you have time to learn.


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  1. Would love to know your thoughts on In A Word: Murder when you get to it. Feedback is so important and I would love to know what you think of my two efforts: Hollywood Cover Up and Dreamer. Enjoy your reading. Looking forward to seeing you back here soon. 🙂

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