The Sylvia Plath Effect!scilW

I mentioned the writer Plath in my last post.I came across this article… but it is unfair to label this problem as “The Sylvia Plath Effect” as most of the writers referred to lived before Plath.But women writers,are potential writers used to find it very hard to construct an identity which could include love,sex and family and also being a writer and an agent  in one’s life rather than just a subject in someone else’s…. perhaps a husband’s/At one time women gave up on love and marriage and were  able to be writers but it seems a pity.

Now,that may seem a privilege when most women inn the world struggle to survive.But writers and artists are not a luxury. We need them to express what we cannot; to venture into new parts of express what is below the surface .Not that all art is of equal value.I myself would be very happy if Rr.Wagner had fallen of a horse and tacked his skull  before he wrote “The Ring Cycle “and his other loaded musical works. Music is in any case not  always of moral benefit/We are too familiar with the top Nazis loving Mozart not to be aware of the dangers of believing  art is  always a beneficial thing. Plato was very wary of it.

Nor do I naively believe that all that happens is the direct will of God/Even god would be irritated by

The Ride of the Valkyries” and other such inflaming nonsense.I feel it’s blasphemous to mention God at all but looking back at the 20 th century we see his face turned away.

I do believe that Plath’s suicide was a very bad thing because  any such event seems to produce copycat suicides.. indeed Plath’s husband’s mistress also gassed herself and their child…a dreadful imitation.Tread carefully indeed when you imagine love is a simple and easy sweet there to be grabbed.Assia Wevill  plotted to seduce Ted Hughes.

I am very much against planning or plotting to gratify  one’s self at the expense of another and in fact she destroyed her own life compounding grief and woe.

I believe in  our society it is accepted that women can use their gifts but not at the expense of their duties.Men are also affected by the need to work and support their families when perhaps they would like to imitate Gauguin…!


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