“Through the tunnel” by Doris Lessing

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Through the tunnel is a short story written by Doris Lessing, who is a famous author from Britain. She has won many prices; one of them is the Nobel Prize in Literature (2007).

Through the tunnel is about a young boy, Jerry, who goes to the beach with his mom on vacation. Here he sees older boys diving in the water, and he finds an underwater tunnel. His goal is to get through the tunnel, and in the end he achieves this.

I think the story is about growing up. Jerry sees the older boys dive in the ocean, and he wants to be like them. In order to do this he has to go through the tunnel, which is probably a metaphor for him growing up, and leaving his childhood behind.

I liked the story a lot, and I think this is because of how well-written it is. Doris…

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