Too chaste?


Too chaste?

That’s a bit personal..I know

Is there an ideal level of chastity?

Can one be 40 per cent chaste?

Are there grades of chastity?

Is there a test for chastity?

If not,why is that?

If there is,hide it!

Is chastity a good idea?

Or just an idea…

Too chaste for whom?



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5 responses to “Too chaste?

  1. genesisshizuka

    I believe being chaste depends on the morals where one grew up in. A person might be too liberated for an Asian taste, while still chaste for Western standards. What a wonderful post!

  2. Yes,I agree with you….I am glad you enjoyed my post.Thank you.

  3. This a lovely article and I wonder why people are not commenting cos’ this is a question to us all. I totally believe in chastity and no matter how many time I hear the word “21st century” i’ll still tell say civilization can’t take away people chastity.

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