Let time flow at a slower speed under your control

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Living in a society with the increasingly hectic, overstimulated and restless environment, have you ever wished to slow down time or at least the perception of it? A Germany student named Lorenz Potthast felt exactly this way. As a result, he created “the Decelerator Helmet”.

The Decelerator Helmet is a piece of avant-garde headgear that allows the wearer a perception of the world in slow motion.

Inside the helmet is a camera with video signal and a netbook. The netbook slows down information from the camera by way of a program Potthast wrote in vvvv. Outside the helmet hangs on a Head-Mounted Display. It receives the speed of the video stream regulated by the netbook and thus is capable of mirroring the images the user sees on the video glasses in the inside of the helmet for people on the outside to see. To actually determine the speed of the video stream, a remote control is necessary.  This…

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