Literary Fractions and other Fictions

Reading the right type of novel makes you better at understanding people.And that must be good.
Reading Fifty Shades in not so useful  and if you buy some whips and suchlike
you are increasing your expenditure.Be creative.DIY
Free  fantasy for all.Start now.. well later on…
I looked at that book..I did not realise what it was.The first 3 pages seemed dull so I out it back on  Waterstones‘  table.I can’t write a novel so I shall write a limerick
There was an old lady from Britain
Whose love focussed on her cat’s kitten.
She gave it warm milk
Wrapped it in silk.
And now she is knitting four mittens.Is that literary?
LITERARY LIMERICK?A philosopher  is a person who thinks
While she washes up at the sink.
She turns over her mind
And lets it unwind…..
She writes all her thoughts down in ink.


Some people can’t fantasise
I wonder if they can’t tell lies?
Reveries  suits  me…
I daydream at tea.
Maybe my best friends are spies?


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