Is thinking a conversation? And dreaming…?It takes two!

Dwelling on these thoughts about thinking,and knowing much thinking is blind and cut off from the people outside us is it valid to compare they say it to different kinds of talk’conversation?


Free thinker?

With a trusted friend or teacher we may open our hearts and ears.We may talk and listen .We may learn and give our friend new ideas…but also this conversation may be risky.So more frequently we gossip,talk about the weather or argue over trivialities.We may chat with a friend simply to show we are with them or as they say,To touch base…in other words to comfort and give security.

When we are alone,we might worry for hours.Some people used to worry a lot about their sins.Or whether  they had enough money.Or some daydream and fantasise about,Fifty Shades of Grey.Maybe actual thinking or thought is rare.

I am not proposing we should be thinking all day.We would go mad!But were we to think,would it be like a conversation with the Other within?So we’d be listening as well as talking silently?A kind of internal conversation may be taking place.We all know that our unconscious mind may be thinking while we are woolgathering or taking a a bath.Eureka..Archimedes famous cry.And dreams are also a kind of thought  in images.They are a communication.Some people have had dreams which they felt were a message from God.

In a real conversation something new might be born…And why is thinking associated with tension and effort?



October 29, 2013 · 4:40 pm

5 responses to “Is thinking a conversation? And dreaming…?It takes two!

  1. Cat

    I’ve actually thought a lot about ‘thinking lately! ;0) I do two types of thinking; the ruminating kind when I debate issues with myself, or the thinking in pictures kind. I’m not quite sure if other people also think/remember in images rather than words…

  2. Hello,Cat,
    I have got the impression that ruminating can be bad for you.But it may mean different things to different people.Yes,I think in images and dreams of course use symbolism… but the meaning of the image is unique to you.If I lose something I get an image later of where it is.
    Two parts of the mind,one verbal,one image based.Both needed.Both should be valued.Freud was wrong to say words are superior in general.
    And our society has valued words more highly.Images and symbols are deep like wells into which we can dip to get richness,Pictures can give so much in a small space….words are linear,,in sentences.
    I am enjoying studying this.Thank you for coming by

  3. they say that one picture is worth a thousand words, but I say it is also true that one word can be worth a thousand pictures. I guess in general I don’t think in images, but in words, a sort of internal dialogue. But I also have found that I cannot follow what the inner voices are saying unless I write it down. Sometimes it is in the act of writing that I first realize what I think. I guess in this sense I am a mere scribe to my mind which seems to have a certain degree of autonomy.
    In the math classes I teach I always encourage my students to draw pictures or diagrams of the problems if at all possible. Then I tell them, “A picture prevents a thousand mistakes.”

  4. I like to draw diagrams too.I find it hard to think about thinking.Thank you for telling us how you think which is intriguing.

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