The best book on meditation….by Lawrence LeShan

This book is by Lawrence Le Shan.I’ve had mine many many years.Since then it’s become much more popular and there are hundreds of books on it…I also admire LeShan’s other writing and his work.I used his meditation when travelling alone on a train to a funeral many years ago.

You can find out more  about  him here.He worked with cancer patients.I read his book on that when I thought I might have it.He seemed to feel that  if you lead an uncongenial life to please your parents or others and  do not follow your own inner callings you are more likely to get it.He’s a fascinating man.His wife is interesting too and very bold in her thinking..Eda LeShan.

Other good authors on this topic are Patricia Carrington [General discussion and warnings   about excessive meditating]  and Hubert Benson [Relaxation Response.].


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October 26, 2013 · 5:14 pm

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