What is ethics?

From Paul Gordon


“In particular, Levinas argued that ethics is responsibility for the other, that this responsibility precedes knowledge and, moreover, has nothing whatsoever to do with reciprocity, that is I do not do something in order to get something in return. Furthermore, Levinas argued, it is this ethical responsibility which constitutes me as a subject, it is the meaning of my subjectivity. Ethics, in the very particular sense that Levinas gives it, is at the heart of psychotherapy,”

Gordon, Paul (2012-12-15). Face to Face (Kindle Locations 585-589). Paul Gordon. Kindle Edition.



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4 responses to “What is ethics?

  1. Morality = Love Good. And love Good for others as well as yourself.
    Ethics = A set of rules that evolve to accomplish moral good.

  2. Hello,Marvin,I think he’s against rules and more into truly seeing the Other.But rules are a help to us like a crutch maybe

    • The key is that rules serve a moral purpose, to improve good and reduce harm in the world, for everyone. A given ethical rule is judged by this criteria. And the criteria is objective, to the degree that we can distinguish was is truly “good for us”.

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