New Books for the duped

How to make love in a cardboard box by A.Homeless- Manne

Fucking  that Fiction by Jason Give-me -the Creeps-Again.

Loving your bites by M.Dogge

How to be more obscene than I by George Grammar

Men and other post modern Fictions  by Merlin Ponto.

Freud for the Fucked up by Plain Sigher

Satyrs and satire by Sasi Sartro

Beavers love  lives reexamined by A.French.

Hatred is bad for your Love Life by Good Wimmin

How to post Modern Poetry by No Moore-Truth N.A

Fat,Fed up and Fucked  by  the “Come Diet with me” group

Sort out your Crap by Jane Knowitall

Obscenity for Dummies by Big Bad Man

I like Bullshit the best by Whoreman Taylor

They saw him coming by Bad Girls

Find your H spot by Good Doctor

Dariel and the Head Muckers by M.Daemon

Poetry for Perverted Animals by A Vet [D.Sc.]

I wrote this crap myself by A N Dildoson

Grammar for Girls who  hate Shit by Minx Teacher

Commentaries are Crap by Cate Calmo

Crap your way to success by Freda Markup

Damned demons haunted  me hourly by Denis  Menacedt

New types of Shit  for Beginners by Terence Arse.

Say it with Word by A Processor

Swearing for Success by Potato Turnip

How Obscenity can Change Your ~Life/Wife/Strife.

Be even more Obscene with my Tips by Callia Girls

Write your own  bloody Prescriptions by Ima Dokter

X ratings for winners by B.A.Follywood

Who shat there  last? by T.H.E,.Prime Minstere

Blogging for Beggars by T.H.E Bumm

How buggers blocked my blog by A.Nite-Lite

Violent virgins by Eve Monster,B.A [Huns]

Where to go when utterly fucked by I.W.A.S.Clegg.Ph.D

Bloody Books by Boris Bum M.A

Mind your Ass by Mary Lambs.

Fools’ Folly by Fred Dread.

Folly me to Bed by Ally Cat.

Swearing is simpler by Short Tempered-Manne

Bums,butts and bottoms for the bewildered by Bary Mee.

Do it in the loo by W.C.Humor and sons

Lose your virginity tonite by A.M.A Groper.Ph.D

How to swear better by I.A.M.Insane-Now

Rude bits of the Bible collected   and  annotated by Ravia Gorilla [with photographs.]

Fuck my Fat by Frezzia Wimmin

Fucking for the Feckless by Fairy Jane.

From Fecklessness to Fucked  Up by F.Off [B.Sc.]

Baking with Shit all by Maria Belly-Button

How to starve by Benny Fit-Collector

How to bake dogs by Chinese Cooks


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