Go to bed with an egg

Britain is apparently famous for its advertising industry.Many of us recall a clever ad about 30 years ago which said,Go to work on an egg.It was said to be the invention of Fay Weldon,now famed for her  wild novels.What in fact seems odd today is that we would not see the point of advertising eggs.Why was it needed?

It’s like advertising tea:

Go to work  on a mug?

Deep brown tea will help you to see

Go to work on a bag?

Go to work after a potful?

Tea,the leaf that transforms.

Tea,the opium a of today.

Tea,not free but worth every shilling

Earl Grey will make work play.

Fancy a Chinese first thing?

Drink tea with your toast for utter bliss

Hot as hell ,tea casts a spell.

Ceylon tea will help you pee.

You can see I was lucky not to be in advertising…


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