I sleep with lice now

The doctor told me I have lice.Not even nits..real lice.Still it means I won’t be alone in bed tonight.

My friend was short of money so she ate her children’s goldfish for lunch.When the kids came home she said the goldfish and ascended into heaven like Jesus.With friends like that….I feel holy.

The doctor rang up tonight.He wants me to have a Y ray.What’s a Y ray?It’s what they give you when the X rays are too expensive… they shine a light on you and demand to know Y U R ill so much!Modern speech.. it makes me sick.That;s just my diagnosis but i’ll tell the doctor to save me having a Z ray.

I guess the lice are tired so I shall take all my clothes off and do something vulgar.No,I am not posting  a photo of my nude body here.Or even my nude  face.If you see my beauty it may harm you by giving you lustful thoughts.Anyway now in the UK you have to have a Brazilian before you go out naked. [it means having all your body hair removed by waxing].Are women mad or what? Don’t say anything now


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