Blogging so far………….my reflections

After a short  time   blogging  here  I seem to have gone into philosophical and political   issues more than I imagined and it has proved  truly hard work.I shall return to books again of a different type.I think it’s the people who interest me…trying to imagine what it was like in Germany in the 1930′s and wondering what I would have done.I am sure I’d have been afraid

~Yes,people fascinate me,faces, personalities.Sometimes I think education can be a bad thing unless it’s very high quality.We learn a little and grow conceited. We believe we know everything and can tell others what to think,This worries me about even University education in Britain now.I only know a very few truly educated people.I am fairly well read but not educated in literature,philosophy or politics.Nor in Art.In fact I am pretty uneducated but  have a strong desire to understand people and society.I also would like a lot more laughter in my life…


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