Geza Vermes Obituary

This was published earlier this week.I found it a very moving and interesting story.Having been a Catholic most of his life….. perhaps initially to save it,he returned to Judaism in his later years



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7 responses to “Geza Vermes Obituary

  1. an interesting story. Of course, to a Jew, it’s a lot less interesting…

    • But I printed the story from the Guardian when I meant to put the one from “Oxford Today”
      because in that they tell how he returned to Judaism in later life and attended the Synagogue and was able to be as he probably would have liked to be but had not been able.I feel a book should be written as he had such a long and strange life.Probably in Oxford he wa happy..lots of great freedom to be who he wanted to be.He was happy in his two marriages as well….

    • I found an interview with him

      and a little about his wife is appended.She was Anglican but had written a book in 1939
      called,The Folly of anti-Semitism.He seems very interesting.Sometimes I say to a friend
      Jesus was a Jew and she seems surprised.A neighbour asked me if he was an Arab!!

    • I’d like to know why you feel it’s less interesting to a Jew.As I said before,he returned to Judaism after getting married [something a Catholic priest could not do]And he seemed much happy.To a non Jew like myself
      it is a fascinating story with much sadness.And the joy that he was able to use his intellectual gifts in
      a place like Oxford.I wonder if you were regretful he had not gone to Israel…sometimes life leads us a certain.If his story were not true it would read like a novel about Europe’s folly in the 20th Century.
      And from 2014 we shall have 4 years of “rememberance” of W.W.! which was the madness beginning… the fall of Empires and the collapse of economies giving a path to the crazed lunatics like Hitler and Stalin.So I am not looking forward to that.Nor I imagine are you.

    • Why is that?He was a human being.Ask not for whom the bell tolls…

    • I am interested in any human being .However, I can hear that it is painful knowing the man had to pretend to be a Catholic for many years.He has written some good books on the era 00—-300 CE

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