With anything in a skirt


How my heart speaks

Painted My books and home 010

Lamp and paper flowers by Katherine

To have your hose in my hair is very warming
No,not for all you see in her rhymes will I believe she’s a poet in a storm
He’s not just whistling pixie… he’s a real he man drinking whiskey
I am not playing with a bull with specs.It’s myopic…even mythaeopic
It is not the mightiest saying in the books.But it means so much if you love me.
Pascal was not keen to be the host of chance except for his famous wagers.
You are not the sharpest liar in the flock of men I meet weekly
I am not the harpiest wife to be the kitchen stabber
There is nothing impersonal in my love.I love you as warmly as if you were a piece of cake.In fact I prefer cake.
I have nothing to grieve at.. or with.My heart has fled and I am  …

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