Why ruminating is bad for you.


When I was young I used to ruminate or brood.Looking back it made me feel terrible.But  thinking is not the same as ruminating.And neither change our reality unless we act.To stop ruminating it may be enough to say it does not usually help when you feel down.Then maybe take a walk,look at the world of nature.Try talking to a kind friend instead if you can.



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3 responses to “Why ruminating is bad for you.

  1. Hi there, I thought that your post was very insightful, especially to see someone else’s experience with rumination.
    Another tip that I should have included on my blog post to stop the ruminating process is to practice mindfulness (aka Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy), which is probably the one most utilised by myself. Unfortunately, I find that friends are not as accessible when the ruminating thoughts occur, usually late at night, so for those in the same boat as myself and others, focus on the now – the physical sensations that you feel, the sounds that you can hear. It works wonders.

  2. Cat

    Walking always helps to ground me in the moment.

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