A year ago I wanted to die

Very moving

Confessions of a published author

A year ago I wanted to die.  That’s not me being melodramatic or a sensationalist, it’s true.  16th October 2012 was a line in the sand for me, I just couldn’t go on any further.  I’d managed for a year to keep a lid on things but with every small setback my foundations were starting to crumble.

I had become a recluse and although my family tried their best to help, I wasn’t listening.  I’d started writing a novel but was barely half way through and was struggling with it.  It was just another silly idea and nothing would come of it. That’s what I was telling myself.

16th October last year, started off like any other normal day.  Waking to get my daughter dressed and ready for the child minder.   After dropping her off I returned home.  My job required me to visit clients and that day I…

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