Why I love mice

Mice,don’t you love them?They live in your garden shed and eat the twine for the beanpoles you were saving for next summer.They finish up the crumbs the birds left behind.They don’t want you to take them for a walk and,hey, they need no grooming.;… they provide free exercise for your cat and emergency rations when you forget to buy catfood.Women are supposed to fear mice as they may run up  our legs and disappear.Still,it’s a kind of compliment,in a strange way.They provide that little touch of excitement we all need now and then.Mice,not in my bed though..The cat. might eat them and disturb my slumbers.Then I’d be over-tired



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5 responses to “Why I love mice

  1. I agree with you on the mice… they’re cute. But didn’t quite understand what you had on your bed…

  2. look at my blog post all about cute little floral mice! xx

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