Do thoughts precede words? Puzzling about thoughts

When we are with a child before she learns to speak,we see she nevertheless is ils thinking.Some people such as Wilfred Bion put forward the idea that wild thoughts are there like wild animals,seeking a mind that will think them


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6 responses to “Do thoughts precede words? Puzzling about thoughts

  1. Thank you for adding my link to your post.

  2. there is a big difference between a thought that is looking for a person to express it, and the thoughts of a person who is aware. So too, the difference between the thought of a child who is undeveloped and the thought of an adult who is aware.

    • I am keen to trace this writer,Bion,but he is like Lacan,very hard to understand.I saw something a poet Ted Hughes wrote,that in each generation there are a few people,poets and artists,,who are able to express what is in the unconscious of all of the people at that time…. they have a thinner membrane dividing them from that.It’s not always easy to be a poet as he well knew from his wife’s death.But he felt it was his calling

    • Ted Hughes thought poems were seeking for a poet and he was singled out to receive them.And he thought it was hard to have the vocation

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