It] began to seem amazing how often it was assumed that having a vagina automatically meant I was less intelligent, talented, capable, and interesting than the world’s least interesting human being who happened to have a penis.”
Francine Prose


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6 responses to “Go,Francine,go!

  1. This sort of quote is almost enough to make me lose all interest in her as a writer.

    • I expect she’s being a little ironical.Exaggerating for effect.Pity if you don’t read any of her books

    • Though being anti all men on principle is an error

      • First of all, from the quote I have no reason to believe that she is anti all men. She also does not tell how often she encountered this assumption; only that she was amazed at how often it was. Since the assumption described by Francine is highly uncommon and rare, what difference does it make how often she encountered it? If on the other hand, she assumes that this is a common attitude, then she doesn’t know what she is talking about. My hope is that this was supposed to be some kind of a joke.

      • Unfortunately we only know our own reality and assume others have the same experiences.I think life is hard for men too

  2. Well,it’s a kind of rhetoric.It’s a way of making a point so that people will remember It must have touched a nerve in you…. and no doubt men in general
    It does have some truth in it as I do recall incidents were such a belief seemed to be held

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