Criticising dogs

Dogs! Who wants them?They can’t talk,they can’t cook,they can’t wash up.They can’t wash themselves properly so have to be groomed by somebody else.Aw.dogs!Who wants a dog?They can’t even make the bed though happy to sleep on it.There’s saying.Let sleeping dogs lie .So they can’t even tell the truth. but why let them lie?Is the truth too disturbing?But at least they don’t smoke…. or do they?I have my suspicions but no proof as yet.Maybe they smoke in the bath?



Filed under animals, criticism, humor

2 responses to “Criticising dogs

  1. Yeah… I like a dog who smokes… all the more so if he’ll take a drink once in a while. They might be a little over friendly now and then… but never self-righteous/ and they’re always willing to adjust to their friends… they go more than half way. Here’s to a dog who enjoys a good smoke.

  2. Some smoke because they lie too near the fire whilst lapping up beer from a bowl.The same applies to men after they get home after a hard day.The remedy is to throw a bucket of warm water on them then to bath them ,dry them and give them brandy.

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