“I will say this…..being truly human

“I will say this quite plainly, what truly human is -and don’t be afraid of this word- love. And I mean it even with everything that burdens love or, i could say it better, responsibility is actually love, as Pascal said: ‘without concupiscence’ [without lust]… love exists without worrying being loved.”
― Emmanuel Lévinas, Of God Who Comes to Mind

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October 8, 2013 · 6:53 pm

4 responses to ““I will say this…..being truly human

  1. I’m familiar with this writer and thinker, and his approach to questions of the essence of human life are more than just interesting. How good of you to share this with us.

    • Well,it was very odd.I wrote about Peter Lomas and then his former student Paul Gordon and I actually bought PG’s book on Kindle as it is £100 in book form.From PG I came to Levinas but must go back and read PG’s book soon… I spent time looking on GoodReads about Levinas…I am very taken with him…
      You already knew his writing,I see.Yes,I had no education on these matters but I have an instinct for the Good

    • He is such an inspiring man

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